What is Artists Supporting Artists?
Welcome to Artists Supporting Artists (ASA) at The New MFA, where artists are being supported in receiving free resources and education from the world’s best artist coaches via our podcast, so they can pay it forward in supporting other artists by sharing our podcasts.

Coming September 1, 2020
The New MFA Podcast will feature raw AF conversations every Thursday about masterING the fine art of life, love, and biz so you can do what you love with more love, and get paid for it by receiving an “MFA in Emotional Intelligence” (aka the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions) so that you may heal from the artist struggle, and thrive in making your next six figures, instead of having to go six figures in debt!

What YOU will get:
With your pledge, you will get our podcast episodes about the stuff they didn’t teach you in art school, delivered directly to your phone so you can easily share this stuff with other artists. 

Podcast episodes delivered to your phone
Think of it like this: it’s like having advice from the world’s best artist coaches and special guests from our podcast episodes...right in your pocket!

Friday reminders
Special text messages reminding you of your worth and potential every Friday so you can thrive rather than survive (How cool is that?!)

Exclusive offers
ANNND you will get exclusive offers for our future MasterING courses so you too can have a thriving multiple six figure art biz doing what you love.

Oh, and get this. If you sign up for the pledge BEFORE Sep 1st
You will get a chance to win $500 cash through exclusive access to the podcast before anyone else does. And to increase your chances of winning, leave us a 5 star podcast review on Apple Podcasts on the day of our launch: SEPTEMBER 1st!

Sounds too good to be true? Right?!

I mean, an MFA in your pocket with life and biz coaching, for free?
Click the button, and see it for Yourself!
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