Meet Michelle Gomez

With two expensive arts degrees in my pocket and six figures in debt... and being burnt out by the non profit industrial complex with no artpreneurial skills under my belt - I had a panic attack. 

Everything went numb,
my breathing was shallow
and so cold to the bone.

I bought a one way ticket back home to Miami, FL. With less than 10 bucks in my bank account, I was cross-faded on the beach to find some answers. I WAS that struggling artist-curator for about ten years depending on grants to launch my passion projects, serving artists as a broke curator and arts organizer while running on empty as a result of emotional neglect (yes, it’s a real thing - read Dr. Jonice Webb).

I said Enough is Enough.

OK. Dope. If you have a minute, read my story to see how I got out of my own god damn way to surpass $250k in my arts businesses, so you can too. You just might gain some inspiration to drastically change your life through your own mindsetMy name is Michelle Gomez, and I am a trauma informed life and biz coach for Women identifying and non-binary Artists & Artist Coaches like YOU who want to surpass six figures doing what they love, with more love! As an artist-curator turned artpreneur turned coach, I have been through it all:

So I asked myself


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