the new mfa manifesto

  1. Lessons
  2. At The New MFA, we know this to be true
  3. No one is a master. That is why at The New MFA, we are all masterING the fine art of life, love, and business.
  4. Many artists experience abuse in the arts industry, and struggle in business. It’s not just the artpreneurial education from art school they lack; artists also struggle with life problems in disguise. 
  5. The way we do one thing is the way we do many things, in life and in business.  
  6. Hurt people, hurt people. That does not mean their actions are justified. 
  7. Healing is not linear. Healing is not pretty. Healing is an ongoing journey. 
  8. Trauma is complex.
  9. beliefs
  10. The world's best artist coaches believe:
  11. The key to mastering the fine art of life, love, and business is in emotional intelligence.
  12. It all goes back to childhood and the way you were loved. Self-love is always the solution.
  13. An arts business is an opportunity for the artist and community to heal. What the artist needs is what the world needs.
  14. Artists wait, artpreneurs act.
  15. Money is not good, nor is it bad. Money is neutral; it is a tool.
  16. approaches
  17. At The New MFA,
    we approach coaching:
  18. With a trauma informed lens. We ask questions that empower artists to understand their past. We provide neutral feedback on what needs healing in life, love, and business to guide artists toward creating a new future. 
  19. With personalized attention, fully seeing each artist as a holistic and whole human being, to identify common patterns in life, love, and business.
  20. From a place of personal responsibility. We see artists as the product of their own choices and goals, rather than as a product of the arts industry.
  21. As inspiration for artists to become independent beings who lovingly create their own opportunities, rather than being dependent on external systems they may not align with. 
  22. As motivation for artists to commit to a spiritual routine that allows them to imagine their highest self, take care of their bodies, and improve their money mindset.
  23. As encouragement for artists to do what they love, with more love. Transformational life AND business coaching techniques get it done. Through career mapping, re-parenting, inner child healing and much more, we encourage artists to love, rather than shame, the trauma responses that once kept them safe.
  24. future
  25. In order to:
  26. Develop artists who are confident and responsible for every outcome in their life and business, by valuing and advancing the most important artwork: the artist themselves.
  27. Invite artists to show up as their highest self, while weaning them off addiction to external validation. Artists can define success without compromising who they are and their values.
  28. Empower artists to do what they love, with more love. And get paid for it.