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I was just like you, panicking over how to make it all work. My heart told me to do what I loved, but my bank account didn’t agree. I had two expensive arts degrees and was six figures in debt... Non-profit jobs were a joke that kept me stuck, spinning my wheels. I had NO artpreneurial skills even after all of those years in school - and I had ALL of the signs of severe emotional neglect. Where was my voice? Where was the passion that made me want to dive into the arts in the first place?

I said Enough is Enough.

In my story, I had to fall to see clearly how to get out of my own god damn way. After ten years as a curator, I was living back at home with $10 in my bank account. I turned it around to surpass multiple six-figures in my arts businesses, and I KNOW you can too. 

At The New MFA, we embrace abundance, by healing our inner artist’s struggle and recognizing the knowledge and experience we all have to share. We are trauma-sensitive life and biz coaches for Artists and Artist Coaches like YOU who want to surpass six-figures doing what they love, with more love (and getting paid for it)!

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What happens when you hire one of the world’s best artist coaches? When you match with a coach through The New MFA, your program investment makes an impact. A portion of each referral payment is sent directly to our scholarship fund, which will go toward a Black woman artist, in order to pay off her art school debts upon graduating.