Michelle Gomez

I coach Artpreneurs to become one of the world's best artist coaches through trauma sensitive life and business coaching.

I see more artists hiring artist coaches to improve their emotional intelligence, in order to have a thriving arts industry that is healing, setting boundaries, and sticking to their worth thanks to The New MFA.

I am living my life purpose by coaching the world's best artist coaches here at The New MFA to ensure they are healing while masterING the fine art of life, love, and biz...so they can do what they love, with more love (and get paid more for it), AND empower other artists to do the same.

FUN FACT: I once put a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker on my vision board, and met her in real life afterwards! 😍


Ekaterina Popova

My work aims to help artists to heal from within, reestablish self worth, design a life and art career that feels luxurious, abundant and free.

This is "Impact Beyond the Canvas", where artists use their gifts and build a creative businesses beyond just selling art, learn to use their voice to serve their community and inspire future generations to do the same.

I am an artist and artpreneur who believes that our entire life is a canvas and we have the power to create anything we desire. My mission is to empower artists and give them the tools to take responsibility for their own career and find validation and success from within.

FUN FACT:  I am Obsessed with Pomeranians 🐶



I approach coaching through the lens of my inner child, Mahyue, to guide artists through soul searching, healing, & shadow work while unlocking new turning points in their artist practice.

Mahyue Studios encourages artists to find, name, and reclaim their inner child - the child who was interested in creating independent of status quo. As children, we were encouraged to create, explore, and dream big but many lost their sense of genuine innocence, wonder, and curiosity entering adulthood. As such, the goal of Mahyue Studios is to create thought-provoking work that challenges us all to reconnect with those creative parts.

FUN FACT: I can't pronounce 'apple juice' but I say it so fast that the human ear cannot tell the difference. My dog knows though. 😁


Gita Joshi

I support artists to be empowered to create a life and business that works for them. To wean them off gallery dependency. To show there is a new way to have an art business.

My joy is coaching artists to paint their own profitable path.

FUN FACT: I used to fly hawks as sport



Shenequa Brooks

I approach Coaching Artists from a personable place and I speak from a safe space of where I've been and where I want to go with my clients.

My mission is to inspire those around me that they too can weave their dreams into reality by facing your fears and doubts and just do it knowing that it's meant to be.


Michael Hall

“I’ve been dope, you’re late” Self acceptance for creatives to shine as they are without having to change who they are. The program consists of 10 pillars that focuses on The Why? Why are you running your business?

Whats your drive and motivate. Next we focus on modeling your mindset. The mindset of how you approach your business becomes the mantra. Then the simply complicated part of Investment and Budgets, the numbers that make a business work. Next we create plans, pivots and action plans. Then we close with a jump off to move with goals and deadlines.


Alysia Seymour

I've found in my own journey of writing books and starting a heart-centered business that the core of my growth had to happen spiritually. I also found, mainly in book writing, that the spiritual aspect wasn't really talked about.

So, I decided to guide creative entrepreneuers to write their book from a place of presence and awareness, to share their story uniquely through a fictional lens and to heal those stories that hold them back. I find as a result, this also helps them flourish in their heart-centered business.

My mission is to awaken people to the truth of who they really are through the writing and storytelling process. We dive deep into presence in my coaching; how to write from presence and live in the Now, leaving old stories behind. While also applying the fictional aspect which allows for imagination and a reconnection to the wonder that exists within all of us and is only waiting to be remembered.

FUN FACT: I basically obsess over anything fantasy because I believe these stories hold more truth to who we really are than any other stories when you see beneath their surface story 😍


Tianna Arredondo

I coach artists by taking into account the many ways they move in the world, the narratives they hold about themselves, and to center their necessary shadow work. Tending to shadow work doesn't have to be scary and re-traumatizing. I guide these souls through a trauma informed trust that acknowledges the needs of the body's nervous system. We move slow and go deep without stopping, naturally creating lasting momentum.

I envision that every creative I work with will embody their many selves and passions through their creative work. They will sustain a larger movement of multifaceted cross-pollinators of sector and soul: abolishing scarcity and liberating others from their colonized minds and behavior patterns.

These creative visionaries will do so with their art, programs, retreats, and healing spaces.


Jennifer V Hartly

I mix coaching and mentoring to empower art queens to build trust within themselves so that they can feel safe making decisions on their own. They create this trust by learning to create boundaries, breaking through limiting beliefs, and honoring themselves first. They can then stay connected to their Higher Self and not dissociate and disconnect when shit gets real.

My intention is to empower creative goddesses to get in touch with their Higher Self by unblocking their crown chakra, and healing their love trauma by learning to love themselves first, so that they can go on to run their art empires fearlessly with confidence and trust.

FUN FACT: My cat's name is Mr. MOFO, lol. You can always catch him photo-bombing my videos and pics on IG.


Sonja and Gasper Habjanic

As sketch coaches with architecture field background, we coach clients that drawing is a tool for analysis, design, and communication. In the coaching process, we solve specific issues by including drawing and creative exercises.

Our vision is to empower artists and designers at the beginning of their professional careers and equip them with the skills they need to become successful with the intention to create a world where they feel seen and appreciated.

FUN FACT: Sonja writes short stories based on her dreams and Gasper needs to draw every day to stay balanced.


Sarah Magida

I work largely with artists to to move them away from the world of outside validation into the rich world of inner healing. I work to connect the joys and creative flow of the inner child back into people's lives so that they can create with abandon. I see the strength in your wellbeing and will guide them through the triggers that make way towards greater healing. I know we are meant for the greatness of our heart's desires and I can see right through the bull shit that holds us back.

I show up for you powerfully and bring my magic to your magic.

It is my belief that I will create a world where artists can live, thrive and feel value in their lives as whole, welcome beings. I think there is an unnecessary belief in the artists' struggle and moving past that belief will open doors to a brighter healthier and more abundant future.

FUN FACT: I have a goofy cat named Weeble, like the toy from the 70's "Weebles they wobble but they don't fall down". She had some trouble with her balance when we first took her home  due to malnutrition. She's doing much better now.


Jess Langley

My approach to coaching designers and muralists is to support them into a better understanding of themselves and heal their life problems so that they can heal their business problems too. This change is created through psychology, emotional intelligence, childhood trauma work, and celebrating their individual personalities.

I get excited to be able to support designers and muralists to love, accept, and understand themselves first so that they can make an impact on the world.

FUN FACT: I adopted 3 rescues with my partner —  2 border collie mutts and 1 black cat. Our goal is to one day open a dog rescue called "Black Fur Adventures"! 🐶


Cait Byrnes

As a Witch + Coach I empower creatives-turned-witches to heal from burnout and tap into their inner magic (inner witch+divine wisdom) so they can build an aligned creative service-based business that is sustainable and contributes to the healing of the collective.  

In my programs I use a mixture of holistic wellness practices, spirituality, reiki, spell work, life coaching, money mindset work, and biz building to help creatives feel their best while they explore and heal their ancestral line, move through blocks, tap into the cycles of nature, and learn to work from a place of flow (instead of always overworking and overachieving).

I also swear a lot, talk to my ancestors (who have crossed over) regularly, and help you get real about what is and isn't working in your life so you can make some serious shit happen.  

FUN FACT: I'm a burlesque performer and frequently dance around in silly costumes and lingerie even when I'm alone.


Rubeena Ianigro

I help clients with their mindset, subconscious programming, childhood wounds, money beliefs, building an e-commerce shop, customer journey, marketing and selling, and overcoming the fear of showing up and sharing their voices. I do this through NLP, journaling, sharing my experiences, and human design.

My vision is for people to do what feels good using their natural strengths and honoring their energy type to become more a magnetic attraction to what they want.

FUN FACT: I'm very social, but I MUST get alone time every single day in order to process, integrate and embody but also to get grounded (and shake off everyone's energetic imprints).


Sarah Wren Carlton

At Art Therapy Made Modern we desire to embody the relationship between art and healing in order to see a world where every artist is valued for their unique capacity to create healing on individual and collective levels.

Creating a strong internal foundation is necessary for all Artist Guides. In 2020 Art Therapy Made Modern will offer a container for artists so that they are held through a creative process with their own guide first.

Several options are available including group and individual work exploring conditioning, trauma responses, and how to leverage your personal energy blueprint.  

FUN FACT: I once swallowed a fly. Don't worry though, I'm not the old lady from the children's rhyme. I didn't swallow a horse because I don't want to be dead of course.