Share Your Knowledge
and Get Paid For It!

Calling all the natural born leaders who inspire artists in every arts industry

The Artist Coach School

Improve your existing art business, and gain the confidence to coach while attracting artists who can easily afford you your coaching

Let Me Ask You a Few Real AF Questions…

  • Do you have a big following, but let imposter syndrome stop you from making money from the knowledge, tips, and inspiration you share with your artist community?
  • If you could charge for all the times an artist asked to “pick your brain”, would you have made thousands by now?
  • Do you have passion projects such as podcasts, workshops, and/or a magazine that serve the artist community that you do not make profit from?
  • Have you gone to art school, and dream of doing what you love and getting paid for it, but have not quite hit six-figures because, well, art school doesn’t teach you that?
  • Do you work hard and put time in your art and/or coaching business, but it’s just not aligned? Or something is holding you back (like the day job you hate in higher ed as an underpaid adjunct)?
  • Do you attract struggling artists who say they wanna be coached by you, but ultimately turn around with “Not right now” or “I can’t afford coaching, but maybe next time!” even though they invested six-figures into an arts degree like it’s NBD?
  • Have you received advice on how to run your coaching business, but the results are disappointing and not tailored for artist coaches?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions...

It's a big sign that it's time for you to embrace The New MFA!