Share Your Knowledge
and Get Paid For It.

Calling all natural born leaders who inspire artists in every arts industry

The Artist Coach School

Improve your existing art business, and gain the confidence to coach, while attracting artists who can easily afford your coaching.
Let Me Ask You a Few Real AF Questions…
  • Do you have a big following, but let imposter syndrome stop you from making money from the knowledge, tips, and inspiration you share with your artist community?
  • If you could charge for all the times an artist asked to “pick your brain”, would you have made thousands by now?
  • Do you have passion projects such as podcasts, workshops, or a magazine that serve the artist community that you do not make much profit from?
  • Have you gone to art school, and dream of doing what you love and getting paid for it, but have not quite hit six-figures because, well, art school doesn’t teach you that?
  • Do you work hard and put time into your art and/or coaching business, but it’s just not aligned? Or something is holding you back (like the day job you hate in higher ed as an underpaid adjunct)?
  • Do you attract struggling artists who say they wanna be coached by you, but ultimately turn around with “Not right now” or “I can’t afford coaching, but maybe next time!” even though they invested six-figures into an arts degree like it’s NBD?
  • Have you received advice on how to run your coaching business, but the results are disappointing and not tailored for artist coaches?

If You Answered "Yes" to these questions

It's a big sign that it's time for you to embrace The New MFA!

It's finally time to awaken The Artist Coach within YOU and become one of the world’s best artist coaches so you, too, can share your knowledge from an overflowing cup. Heal and create impact by empowering artists just like you to also do what they love, AND surpass six-figures doing so.

Because if I can make $250k+ in my first year from completely organic social media marketing with deeply compelling stories and genuine (not salesy) connections; If I can bond with hundreds of artists, and host countless free discovery calls in which artists hire me on the spot without ever running an ad… then you can too, art boss babe.

You’ve probably been shopping around for coaches. But they don’t get that artist life.

  • they are not spiritual
  • they don’t understand the complex traumas that artists like you and I have gone through after being the black sheep of the family, or unappreciated in the public school system AND in the work place.
  • those coaches also do not understand that many artists hate those salesy webinars. Artists are smart, and can smell manipulation. Like, as easily as sharks can smell blood from 100 miles away.

Ya, I have been there. I thought I was crazy when I could not complete courses with very masculine/money/ego driven coaches. They had no idea what it’s like to be a sensitive artist dealing with traumas. I thought I was the one who was incapable even though I already had a successful six-figure coaching biz. Turns out, the coach was just not aligned with ME. I went back to what worked for ME:

Organic outreach. Genuine connection. Serving on the call. Closing. Delivering life-changing results that allow my artist clients to do what they love, with more love, and get paid for it.

Don’t feel ready to coach yet? Feel like you need to have all your sh*t together before taking on such a sensitive responsibility? Don’t worry, I get it.

Click here to download the 5 Secret Questions

You know that deep down inside, you have what it takes to be the high performing leader you always have been, since you were a child doing DA most, effortlessly.

You have valuable knowledge that you deserve to get paid for, after investing TONS into your education, rather than giving it away for free on countless coffee dates where you pick up the bill, because you’re a people pleaser.

You see other artist coaches doing the traditional sales strategy, but you know you can do it better because you have that knack for healing, spirituality, psychology. You geek out on inner child healing, emotional neglect, co-dependency and narcissism - cuz ya had to learn all that for your own sanity so you no longer run on empty.

  • It’s time you set healthy boundaries so that you can serve artists from an overflowing cup.
  • It’s time someone who gets it serves YOU for once.
  • It’s time someone shows you how to focus on areas of your life that have been shoved to the side because you prioritized hustling over healing.

So YOU can serve artists from an overflowing cup, empower them to also have a thriving art business.

But why now?
great question.

Artists no longer want to be told what to do to feel successful. They want to define success on their own terms. And that’s why I created The New MFA, to build a team of enlightened art boss babes, because I could not do this work alone.

Now more than ever, artists are looking for holistic, nurturing, and trauma informed coaching so they can *ACTUALLY* thrive doing what they love after art school as the world pivots to online artpreneurship.

They are awakening to how easy it is to lose their job in an economic system that creates co-dependent employee relationships who work FOR the gatekeepers rather than healthy interdependent individuals who work WITH the community.

Artists are awakening to the fact that the white cube gallery system IS, in fact, dying thanks to the wonderful world of DIY online marketing.

They are awakening to the fact that they no longer need to depend on external validation from residencies that deliver rejection after rejection. 

They are awakening to the fact that the higher-ed art school system is neglectful of artists from the moment they graduate, providing no tools for building thriving six-figure art businesses.

AND to top it off...

Graduating six-figures in debt with no artpreneurial skills is straight up robbery and abuse.

These artists need YOU.
WE need YOU.

They want to hear from YOU.

We want to hear from YOU.
In fact, those artists who admire you? They want to get to where YOU are right now. YOU never gave up on your dreams, doing what you loved no matter what your family or society told you about the struggling artist archetype. 

YOU are a survivor, art boss babe. YOU ARE thriving. YOU have a lot to share. Pat yourself on the back. 

And thanks to the endless support I have received from investing $45k+ into MY future self, and being coached by some of the country’s top notch coaches specializing in business, scaling, love, mindset, spirituality, psychology, and so much more... I decided to package this all up in one place here at The Artist Coach School so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made in my first year of coaching.

Remember... If I can do this, YOU can too!

whether you...

  • Are a six-figure Artpreneur who wants to become an Artist Coach, but don’t feel ready or good enough to coach...
  • Have started an art biz and want to become an Artist Coach but have yet to hit six figures... OR
  • Are an experienced Artist Coach who has built a six-figure art or coaching business but you have been struggling for a while because something is missing...

The Artist Coach School can help you...

  • Go from feeling like an imposter to reminding you that you are the art boss babe you have always been waiting for...because you ARE the expert in your industry!
  • Go from not knowing where to begin, to having a clear understanding of your life’s purpose through my life changing “Golden Thread” exercise that has helped countless artist clients hit 4-5 figures per month.
  • Stand out as an artist and learn how to *ACTUALLY* sell your coaching programs in creative AF ways that make you stand out in this growing but mostly boring, mostly white, and mostly stiff coaching industry.
  • Attract thriving artists who are ready, willing, and able to hire YOU because they love, like, and trust your authenticity (I mean, look at my IG stories - they are pretty funny and 100% authentic, IMO).
  • Book clients easily and effortlessly through free three day challenges. I will show you how I booked $12k worth of contracts in a Back to Art School challenge I did for photographers!
  • Cash up to $12k+ in one week.


Join our three month Mastermind focusing on Mastering the Fine Art of Life, Love, AND Business. Beginning in August 2020, you and 11 other like-minded high-performing art boss babes will have:
weekly intimate Group Support
  • (12) Weekly large group 90 min calls with me as your Biz Coach to review your progress, hold you accountable with guest expert coaches who show you their sales, mindset, public speaking, legal, and accounting secrets
  • (12) Weekly small group 90 min calls with your Power Squad Life Coaches who will focus on mastering the fine art of Life & Love with you in an intimate setting
  • Weekly office hours with yours truly
Video Trainings on the basics of business coaching AND life coaching:
  • Conceptualize, build, launch AND grow a six-figure artist coaching biz with homework assignments that hold you accountable. Track your discovery calls and build your coaching business in real time
  • Trainings on the basics of building various types of art businesses so you feel prepared to coach any artist from any industry if you choose
  • Modules on life coaching tools that have transformed me and my client’s lives (journal prompts, meditations, and other NLP techniques)
Lifetime Friends who get the artist coach life:
  • Lifetime access to an incredible community of high-performing six-figure art boss babes who are your new friends.They too are arts industry leaders who are healing from complex traumas and thriving as Artpreneurs AND coaches.
  • An online private support group in Mighty Networks with coaching resources, weekly tips, and the ability to post questions any damn time you want during the mastermind
  • A very lit IG message group in which you will get to have hilarious and real AF conversations while getting cheered on by Artpreneurs just like you!
Plus a Retreat. YUP.

The retreat

A 3-day/2-night $elf Love retreat in Miami, FL at my favorite Spa and Hotel ever (Date TBD for late 2020 or early 2021) to celebrate AND participate in deep AF healing and group therapy workshops that allow us to heal our inner child, teach us how to rest, and encourage us to love our bodies more. You pay for your flight and hotel, I got food and draaanks covered.
Nov 2019 Artist < Artpreneur Retreat @ The Standard Spa & Hotel, Miami, FL

Sounds cool right? Yea, I bet! Because there’s no one else out there who gets it like I do and who has dedicated their life to coaching artist coaches.

So why not join some of the leading like-minded artist coaches, so we can do this whole MFA thing differently? 

The time is now. And we only have 10 spots left before July 1st. In fact, we only have 1 seat available for each of the following art boss babe experts and industries:

who we are looking for

  1. Filled: Designer OF DESIGNERS
  2. Filled: Arts Activist LEADER OF LEADERS
  3. Curator BOS$ B*TCH
  4. Ceramics KWEEN
  5. Photography BABE
  6. Maker/Crafter FAIRY
  7. Artist Mom Life EXPERT
  9. Interior Designer 5 Star BOSS
  10. Illustrator NUMERO UNO
  11. General Fine Art Business Coach KNOW IT ALL
  12. Money Making BADA$$
The sooner you apply, the sooner you are able to access 1:1 monthly private calls with Yours Truly to get started on your journey from Artpreneur < Coach.

What my Artist Coach Clients have had to say

This coaching is really challenging me to level up... Even in the past few weeks, I have sold more paintings than I have in the past few months because of this work we are doing... it is my birthright to share my work with the world whether it's coaching or art... I have 50 clients. And I feel really good. And yea... I was born for this. Thank you for seeing it in me.
― Ekaterina Popova,
Founder of Create Magazine, Art & Cocktails Podcast and now one of the world's best artist Coaches at The Art Queens Society.
After this coaching call... I looked in the mirror and said "I am an artist coach." ...Thanks Michelle! ...I'm doing it, I'm healing! I am taking action from a place of healing and empowerment. No longer from a place of trauma or scarcity!
― Amira Rahim,
Founder of Better Than Art School
now launching her first 1:1 long term high ticket coaching programs.
When I stepped into 'I am an artist, a writer, a storyteller, I share my experiences. I am not ashamed of my story, I'm going to invest in myself' the universe listened. I've made more $$$ from my art in the last 2 months since I met you than I did last year selling goodies. SO grateful!" ...IDK how me and my husband are making more money RN when there is so much uncertainty and anxiety happening around us... We are continuing to take care of ourselves, because the truth is, I CAN afford it. When I first signed with you, my husband lost his job. Now he is doing his own thing. We are able to show up for our friends and family...
― Anne Carly,  
Founder of the Tiny Humans Big Feelings club brought her $2,300+ a month while she coaches illustrators on emotional neglect! (Mind you, we only coached on Voxer for 3 days before officially starting her coaching program)
After one call, Michael Hall made $1000 selling his first 1:1 coaching program. After 2 calls, he sold a $2,500, and $3k in full...totaling $6,500+ worth of programs in his new Art of Entrepreneurship program for Black Women Artpreneurs.
After a few calls, Rubeena got 4 clients! She sold her first $3k pay in full package for her first mastermind that will teach artists all about e-commerce and social media mindset on top of a $1,500 customized contract! $13,500 sales in total in just a few weeks.