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What is The New MFA?

The New MFA is a holistic approach to coaching for artists with the world’s best artist coaches.

The new MFA believes that no one is a master.

That is why at The New MFA, we are all masterING the fine art of life, love, AND business with an MFA in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so we can all do what we love, with more love (and get paid for it).

Why We Need the New MFA

You know. The sh*t that really has you struggling, six figures in debt?

Many artists still struggle in business after graduating from art school, often leaving school with hefty tuition bills to pay off for years. They are left overly dependent on grants, residencies, and low-paying non-profit jobs so they can do what they love. We realized that it’s not just the artpreneurial education from art school they lack; artists also struggle with life problems in disguise.

The #1 skill that all artists really need to thrive rather than survive

Instead of graduating six figures in debt, The New MFA provides artists with the #1 skill that all artists need to thrive rather than merely survive. The opportunity to tap into their own emotional intelligence is the most important skill an artist can learn. With this knowledge, they can create the most important artwork of their life: the artist, themselves. That artwork will always be an artwork in progress.

And it starts with loving on that sh*t. Lemme explain...

About the Founder

Michelle Gomez is an Artist-Curator turned Artpreneur. Four years after graduating with her MFA in Curatorial Practice and still struggling, she asked herself: 


She founded Creative Unions Event Design, but something was still missing.

She hired her first life, love, and business coach and awakened to her life’s spiritual curriculum. She came to understand what self-love is, through studying psychology, trauma, and emotional intelligence...the sh*t they didn’t teach in art school.

With a trauma informed lens, she became one of the fastest growing Life & Business coaches in the country. She surpassed six figures in her first year of business in a program called Artist to Artpreneur, while empowering 70+ Women Identifying Artists to heal and become Artpreneurs so they too could do what they love with more love (and get paid for it).

But she could not do this alone. That’s when she began her true life’s purpose and dedicated herself to coaching other high performing Artpreneurs to level up.

Here at The New MFA, Michelle coaches business savvy art boss babes to become one of the world’s best artist coaches so they can share their knowledge. Yes, we can ALL do what we love, with more love (and get paid for it) at The New MFA.    

Coach Directory

We are currently seeking the following Art Boss Babes to join the New MFA

Seeking a gallerina
FILLED: Curator BO$$ B*TCH.
We want a six figure
Photography BABE!
YOU are so needed,
Artist Mom Life EXPERT.
I wish I met a
FILLED: Maker/Crafter FAIRY!
miss perfectionist
FILLED: Designer of Designers
doing da most? 1st on da dance floor...
FILLED: Activist Leader of Leaders

Curator BO$$ B*TCH.

As an artist/curator, you know the ins and outs of the art world: gallery representation, artist management, residencies, grants, and get ALL of the Art Basel VIP badges and after party invites.

Many artists seek out your advice via your IG platform, blog, and podcast. 
You wake up everyday, inspired everyday to empower artists to design the art career of their dreams. 

We are looking for someone like you to build their own coaching business educating artists who want gallery or museum representation, and residencies.
Are you that gallerina? Apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Ceramics KWEEN?

Congratulations! You are the 1st coach to dominate this industry. There is no coach out there like you, who can lead all the ceramicists around the world who wanna learn how to sell their work, apply to ceramic residencies, or learn new techniques online and in their studios. 

Simply put, you are the next school for ceramics. The school that doesn’t just teach craft, but teaches how ceramicists can apply their craft into a practical lifestyle and business. 

Will you be the Ceramics Kween who leads the way in creating a whole new demand for ceramics education? 

Apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Photography BABE!

This art boss babe knows how to run a damn good photography business without selling her soul or giving up on her weird art school style. She knows weddings are not the only way to make money!

She has so many photographers who follow her wishing they could have a thriving business like her.

She wakes up excited to empower them to find their own weird AF voice that stands out from the crowd, but sells.. She wants to empower them to learn how to find editorial opportunities, land big paying clients, and learn new techniques too!

Are you that photography babe?! Apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Artist Mom Life EXPERT.

Lookatchu artist momma! You totally disrupt the sexist idea that artist moms cannot have it all: a thriving art career, an incredible online presence, AND a family to take care of. You do not lie in your photos, because you know that the artist mom life is tough. You know that you can have it all, but not all at once.

Artist mothers come to you for life and business advice on how to manage their schedules, how to carve out time for art no matter what, and how to make a living doing it while managing a bustling family. Sometimes, you may even give a bit of relationship advice. It’s all interconnected, after all!

You know you would make a great life AND business coach. If you are so needed, why not get paid for your labor of love? 

Apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Maker/Crafter FAIRY!

You are an art boss babe that literally gets paid to have so much FUN. Your art products bring joy and meaning to so many people’s lives. Your social media is on point.

Your products are the inspiration behind your life and coaching business. And you know that your purpose in this life will not be fulfilled until others have the privilege of getting paid to be themselves, getting paid to express their creativity, and getting paid to empower others to let their inner child’s wildest dreams come true!

If you want to get paid to empower other artists to get paid while creating fun products like you do, apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Illustrator NUMERO UNO.

You made it. You get paid to illustrate! How cool is that?! True spiritual awakening comes from sharing that knowledge. But it’s more than just business knowledge that you share… it’s a MOVEMENT. A social movement.

What do you want to see more of in the illustration industry beyond illustrators learning practical business skills?   

If you get a lot of artists admiring your work and sending you fan messages because you are up there in the field as NUMERO UNO, apply to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.Shake things up through your illustration and wisdom.


Is your IG filled with reshares from @the.holistic.psychologist?

Have you considered that what you admire about her is what you admire about yourself? 

Yea, because you are holistic AF, AND can coach artists on not only their mental health, but also their love lives, and business. Because YOU of all people know how the fine art of life, love, and business connect.

Be the person you wish you had in art school. And get paid for it by applying to the Artist Coach School before July 1st to shake things up through your wisdom (and art too). 

Interior Design 5 STAR BOSS

You have the business of your dreams. You design interiors as unique as your personal artworks.

What if you could show how you work your magic better than an Interior Design school? How?

By thinking like an art student. Let’s stop teaching Interior Designers how to have the perfect West Elm magazine cover, and teach Interior Designers how to build a profitable business redesigning homes as artworks themselves!

If you wanna empower other Interior Designers like you to improve their businesses and lives like you do a home, then consider applying to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.Get paid an additional six-figures for what you know.

General Fine Art KNO IT ALL

This artist coach knows what it’s like to wear a million different hats as an Artpreneur AND an artist who has tried all kinds of media.

Because they “kno it all”, they are a natural-born educator. What makes them so great as an educator is that they can coach any artist out there, because they have tried it all.

But, medium aside, this coach knows what any artist needs: good business strategy. And good business strategy requires getting to the core root of the artist’s purpose. 

What is the purpose of your million different paths? Perhaps it all lead you here... follow the yellow brick road to the Artist Coach School before July 1st.

Money Mindset BadA$$

You highly recommend Jen Sincero’s book “You Are A Badass at Making Money” to every artist like it’s the bible. You are the one who punches all the numbers for the check at the dinner table.

You are the one meant to lead a movement that proves artists do not have to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to #s. Because you know damn well that it’s not about artists being scared of numbers, but about deeper issues within the education system.

Are you ready to be the new school for money management, building wealth, creating spending plans, while knowing a thing or two about taxes and investments in the field?

Then we desperately need you to join the Artist Coach School before July 1st as much as artists desperately need to enroll in your program. Empower artists to have a better relationship with money! Deal? Deal.

FILLED: Designer of Designers

This Designer already joined The Artist Coach School to design (haha, design) a new school for Design. Stay tuned, we are building a movement here so more illustrators, and muralists can get paid to do what they love, with more love. And that starts with designing a program that empowers designers to feel like they are enough, so they no longer feel the need to be the perfectionist.

We are SO excited for this coach, so be sure to follow @thenewmfa on IG and join our mailing list below to find out what is next here at The New MFA!

Activist Leader of Leaders

This Leader already joined The Artist Coach School to lead the leaders. They’ll ensure leaders remember who they truly are, so they no longer starve their bank account or their soul in the name of activist passion projects.

We are SO excited for this coach, so be sure to follow @thenewmfa on IG and join our mailing list below to find out what is next here at The New MFA!!

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